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Website Design Agency Auckland

Never before has a well designed informative presence been so accessible as what you can get with a business website. Your customers and potential clients are researching your products and services after hours, plus if they have the option to purchase from you as well, then your business can grow on auto-pilot 24 hours a day 7 days a week and nation wide, maybe even internationally.

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eCommerce Website Design Agency Auckland

Online Shopping is the most leveragable option for most businesses that sell products. We are a nation of early adopters and Kiwi’s are turning to the internet to carry out their purchases more and more. A NZ Online Marketing designed and developed ecommerce store is a great solution for your business!

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Search Engine Optimisation Agency Auckland

I have said it before and I will say it again – If your business is not on teh first page of Google, then your competitors are! BUT…. How would it look if you dominated that first page with your website pages, and videos and images and products for sale? That’s what we can do for you and your business!

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Youtube Marketing Agency Auckland

It’s too hard? I don’t have time to do videos! Yep – I have heard all of them before. Never fear we can do all of your video marketing for you! From sketching out the campaign to shooting and directing to publishing and syndicating, All of your online video needs are taken care of – even YouTube ads for your business – which… don’t tell anyone, are really cracking it!

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Internet Marketing Agency Auckland

We have you covered with packages designed for all business sizes! Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Youtube Marketing, Mobile Marketing, All social media channels we can do it all to grow your online message. Marketing really has not changed obver the years, just the media and delivery methods. In fact things move real quick and can change in a flash. You can keep up with this by using our methods

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NZOM Website Benefits

Awesome Pricing

We have a small but very competent team which keeps costs down so you don’t pay huge agency fees. We are astounded by the horror stories out there with agencies charging huge amounts with very little in return. Check out our Guarantee!


Not only are we experienced online marketers and website designers, we are old enough to have some life experience as well. We have had to sell stuff before the internet and mobile phones. We grew up on bikes and farm gates not playstations and iPads!


We understand You and Your Business! I was born in Auckland and lived there till I was 11 then we moved to Northland, eventhough I have spent a few years overseas building businesses and working in executive sales environments. I have brought all of those skills home for you.

Very Selective

Gone are the days of working with anyone that has a pulse. Too many headaches are created when someone is looking at us to provide the silver bullet to save their business. All NZOM clients must qualify first, guaranteeing results.

Hard Working

Hard work is not just about digging ditches! We burn the midnight oil to get things done, yes we like to play and go in holiday like everyone, but only once the work is done. Your project will always come first! We can sometimes go off grid but that is just so that the work is completed!


We are just like you! Been in business a few years and wanting to make a good income whilst maintaining a fair family lifestyle. I am a quailified business coach and we use the web technologies to grow your business more than increasing staff levels ever could.

Industry Proven

Only the best online technologies are used to build your website and cutting edge information from industry leaders. We carry out a lot of little known processes that your average Kiwi agency has no idea about. I have looked, & I’m stoked!

Inhouse Photography

I am a photography nut as well and can be found in my downtime with my camera taking HDR images and enhancing them in photoshop or other fantastic image manipulation engines. This is great for you as your website, and the marketing of your buisness is very visual.


We are the only ones that I know of with the balls to offer an earnings guarantee.If after 12 months of working together, you don’t at least double your investment in us through increased business, we will work with you free of charge until you do!

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